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Free Paphos GPS Map for OziExplorer

There are many options available when shopping for or selecting automotive shocks for your 4WD or off-road vehicle. Some big names that currently dominate the market are Rancho, hobby zone, and Pro Comp. All three brands serve different areas in the off-road marketplace. Rancho produces a line of suspension lifts with several series of shocks to accomodate them depending if the vehicle will be used most on pavement or dirt. Bilstein focuses only on shocks for lifted and custom built vehicles. They do not produce lifts so all of their research and development is aimed toward producing a better shock. Pro Comp produces lift kits and their own line of shocks to install on them.

Download GPS maps for free and use them in your PDA with OziExplorer software.

Upon further notice you may find that the shoe storage solutions in your home are not adequate for your growing family’s needs. It’s not difficult to solve this problem with a little research and ingenuity. It may take some time and effort to get everything for storage in order, but the end results will show that it was time well spent.

You can download OziExplorerCE for Pocket PC here. Download zip files below, unzip and put them into Maps folder of your installation. Open OziExplorerCE. It should find appropriate map automatically once you turn on GPS. Or you can load map manually: File > Open Map File. Paphos Area Map for OziExplorer (2006)

Download GPS map (2.5 MB)

GPS map calibration file
(updated 12/08/07, 4 kb)

Map image (JPEG, 3556×3881 px, 3 MB)

Paphos Town Map for OziExplorer (2006)

Download GPS map (1.5 MB)

GPS map calibration file
(updated 23/07/07, 4 kb)

Map image (JPEG, 3213x4000px, 2.5MB)

Pafos High Resolution Satellite Map for OziExplorer
contributed by Sergey Volgin

Download GPS map (31 MB)

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