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When you have electricity inside a wire, there is a small magnetic field generated throughout the wire. The opposite is valid too. If you move a wire by way of a magnetic field, handful of current or electricity is generated inside wire. Basically, anytime a conductor moves through a magnetic field, voltage is generated and voltage then causes current to circulate. So ok our question, exactly what is the key distinction between an electrical generator and an alternator? In a generator you create electricity by moving a wire armature inside a magnetic field. You can alter how much electricity is generated by altering either the pace from which the armature rotates or by altering the strength of the magnetic field which is the purpose of those wire windings around the stator magnet within the picture below. Now in the alternator, a magnetic field spins in a group of windings called a stator. In affect, the opposite of the happens internally in a generator. The net result can be the same, just an alternator runs on the a lot more efficient method. Despite that an aircraft alternator is more complex than the usual plain-jane generator, there are numerous attributes of having an alternator. First, regarding an alternator allows for the windings to become directly wired to their output points vs having inefficient slip rings and the like. Also, with the way that alternators are constructed (with 3 separate windings) it permits much smoother electrical output (imagine driving a car with a 4-cylinder engine vs having a V8). A alternator may also be raised to speed more speedily and can develop sufficient power even at lower, idle RPM.

Free Lefkosia (Nicosia) GPS Map for OziExplorer. Download GPS maps for free and use them in your PDA with OziExplorer software.
You can download OziExplorerCE for Pocket PC here. Download zip files below, unzip and put them into Maps folder of your installation. Open OziExplorerCE. It should find appropriate map automatically once you turn on GPS. Or you can load map manually: File > Open Map File.

Lefkosia (Nicosia) Map for OziExplorer (2006)

Download GPS map (2 MB)

Map image
(JPEG, 2988×2117 px, 2 MB)
Lefkosia (Nicosia) Centre Map for OziExplorer (2006)

Download GPS map (1.5 MB)
Map image
(JPEG, 2996×2080 px, 1.5 MB)

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